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Outeniqua Park Rugby Stadium is an iconic Southern Cape landmark.
It is the bastion of rugby in the region and fitting as the biggest stadium
for the biggest sport in the region.

The stadium is situated close to the city centre along a busy road that
connects George to Oudtshoorn, the N1 and the interior of South Africa.

It is probably the most scenic provincial rugby stadium in the country
boasting two international quality outfields that were created as part of the
2010 Soccer World Cup legacy project when the Japanese team was
based in George and used the stadium as their training facility.

Outeniqua Park also hosts the SWD Rugby Union offices, players
& referees headquarters and 26 suites from where matches can
be viewed. The stadium holds a seating capacity of 7500 which can go
up to 12000 when temporary stands are added. Incorporating the field
for non rugby events, the stadium capacity can go up to 15000.

The stadium offers excellent commercial opportunities to SWD Rugby’s
partners and an unforgettable backdrop with the Outeniqua mountains
in the distance.